Reading the Script of Little Women (2019)

Hello! I hope you all are doing well! I recently came across a scene breakdown of Little Women (2019) on YouTube by Vanity Fair (click here for the video) and I was really intrigued by how much thought went into such a few minutes of the movie. So I did some googling and much to … Continue reading Reading the Script of Little Women (2019)

Show Reflections: The Flash Season 6

Hello! I recently got out of school and finished my exams, and it honestly feels so odd that it’s officially summer break. Anywho, around the time I finished school, season 6 of The Flash came out on Netflix, so as you can assume, I swiftly binge-watched the season. I’ve watched 3.5 DC superhero shows--The Flash, … Continue reading Show Reflections: The Flash Season 6

Film Reflections: Alike ~❀~ While we may like to take pride in the value we place on freedom, there still remains an ever-present constraint: the looming sense of obligation we impose on ourselves. With students working obediently for the approval of their teachers and adults choosing jobs with greater concern for stability than for passion, there is … Continue reading Film Reflections: Alike

20 things to do when you’re stuck inside your house

eatget through your to-be-read listrewatch the flashmake a 3d origami penguinclear your desklisten to nostalgic musicwrite a storyexercisescroll through your old photos and videoscatch up on homeworkwatch new filmslearn/practice a second languageclean out your emailsvideo call friends and familysleepbake cookiesreread harry potterprayreteach yourself how to solve a rubik's cubewrite a to-do list